All I can do is suggest scenarios
-Marc Atkins

Exploring the fragile borders between landscape and people. Of architecture, cities, geography, maps, mythology, drifting, perambulation, wanderlust, deep topography, psychogeography, the creative spirit and the environment. Inspired by writers such as Rebecca Solnit and Iain Sinclair, architects such as Lebbeus Woods and Peter Zumthor, photographers such as Marc Atkins and Stephen Gill and wandering eccentrics such as Alan Moore, Richard Long, Bill Drummond and Roger Deakin, this blog will attempt to document the inhabitants and geography of the liminal city.



  1. First i would like to begin, by saying that your post is very tohguht provoking and honest, so kudos to you .Now on the topic, i do think the search never ends, only when we die, because life i think is much more complex than alot of times we might think, we can only accumulate a certain amount of knowledge, our lifetime doesn’t give us the chance to find all the answers, even if we had would that make us happy? I would probably get terribly bored .

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