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The river within us

The river within us

When the water come rushing, rushing in- The Sisters of Mercy
Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up- John Ruskin

The recent deluges upon Reading in Berkshire alerted me to the fact that it is a locality enveloped and often framed by glossy rivers. The town’s celebrated independent publisher Two Rivers Press’ name directly alludes to the mighty Thames that neatly bisects it and the Kennet that feeds and has a symbiotic relationship with the hungry Kennet and Avon Canal. However, there are also a number of smaller bodies of water running through the district such as the sinuous River Loddon whose origins lie in the town of Basingstoke and which lumbers next to the southern edge flooding the fertile land of rural Berkshire. When the abrupt storms tore at old trees and enraged the waterways, the ecological trauma reminded me of a recent George Monbiot quote from his excellent book Feral, ‘we live in a shadow land, a dim flattened relic of what there once was, of what there could be again’. The glum weather shakes us out of our sleepy stupor and teases us with the primeval thoughts of change.
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"All I can do is suggest scenarios"
-Marc Atkins

Exploring the fragile borders between landscape and people. Of architecture, cities, geography, maps, mythology, drifting, perambulation, wanderlust, deep topography, psychogeography, the creative spirit and the environment.

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